Lot 89 Habersham

“When we decided to build our new home in Habersham, we reached out to Brant Construction based on the many enthusiastic recommendations we received from friends who were former Brant clients.  Our experience confirmed their recommendations. Beginning with the initial interview all the way through to the final walkthrough and post construction follow up, the team of Josh and Colleen Brant were a complete pleasure to work with. The building of a custom designed home is a complex process, and Brant Construction performed each phase of the project with the utmost integrity, quality, and cost consciousness.  Josh and Colleen’s planning and cost-control on our project was rock-solid.   Our home build was completed on-time and on-budget in a steady, well-paced manner, a testimony to their extensive preparation and logistics. Where our input was needed, such as in selecting materials, appliances, necessary technical changes, we were well- informed.  Josh took initiative to identify and educate us on where our design could be improved, and we were happy to include these.  We had the good fortune to be living near the project site, and we witnessed the daily presence of Josh on-site, and his constant attention to quality and detail during the build.  In our experience with Brant Construction we learned that quality is one of their hallmarks. That is demonstrated by the final product, our immaculate, beautiful home.  Finally, one of the best aspects of working with Brant Construction is their accessibility and dedicated follow through.  With Josh on the job site daily, and Colleen in the office, most questions or inquiries are addressed on that very same day.  As a client you really feel that you have all their attention.  In short, our experience with Brant Construction was exemplary.  Should we ever build another home, we would certainly seek to work with Brant Construction again. ”

-Frank & Julie Koehn

Lot 519 Habersham

“The Brant’s were very enjoyable to work with on both a personal and professional basis. Josh and Colleen are a wonderful team with each having a unique skill set that compliments each other very well. Our house was finished within budget and ahead of schedule. Both Josh and Colleen have the ability to hold the owners hands when needed and are also able to give their opinions in a thoughtful, attentive way. My wife and I often heard that you “will only want to build a home once” due to wide range of opinions and obstacles encountered during construction but we enjoyed the home building experience and working with the Brant’s so thoroughly that the day we finished we both commented how much we would enjoy doing it all over again. Also, after the construction was completed and we moved in Josh was continuously available to answer any questions and to make sure the home was completed to our satisfaction.”

~ John and Allison Morgan

Lot 307 Habersham

“We have built or renovated several houses during the past 20 years, and NEVER have we had the pleasure of working with builders like Brant Construction!  The custom home they built for us in Habersham was completed AHEAD of SCHEDULE and UNDER BUDGET.  These are two rare commodities in the construction industry today. The quality of the construction and finish level were top-notch.  The Brants’ commitment to integrity and quality were evident in every area of our home. Josh and Colleen were knowledgeable, patient, and delightful to work with.  We were quite sad to leave our home in Habersham when work necessitated a move, but were delighted that our home had increased in value almost 40% in three years.  Brant Construction has become the gold standard by which we will now judge other builders/construction, and we fear that no one else will ever be able to measure up.  We are just so grateful to have had the pleasure of working with them.”

Thad and Minnie Bullock

Lot 103 Bull Point

“Confidence, Integrity and Attention to Detail are three attributes that immediately come to mind in describing our experience with Brant Construction.  As residents of PA, the investment in building a home 700 miles away necessitated absolute confidence in the decisions made on our behalf throughout the construction project, and ours never wavered – not once!  Integrity of the building structure, integrity behind the advice provided and integrity of pricing and managing the myriad of cost elements were never in question – we wrote the check!  Attention to detail – I think our final walk-through fully attests to this as I recall only two items – an added deadbolt and towel hook.  The subs employed shared this same pride in workmanship whether it’s the flawless trim throughout the house, brickwork in perfect alignment, or custom cabinetry.  We enjoyed every moment of the construction project – material selections, trips to Beaufort, pictures sent via the internet – it is this degree of personal attention that makes Brant Construction unique and in our eyes…..the best!”

~ Bob and Robin Brendza

Lot 170 Habersham

“Carmen and I recently had our home built in Habersham, by Brant Construction, after relocating from the New Area. After interviewing a few Contractors [The Brants’ being one], we decided on Josh and Colleen for a number of reasons:

– They seemed to be a warm, patient, very professional team, with strong family ties.
– During the interview, Josh was open to suggestions and offered sound advice, in cost management and prediction of job completion.
– His pricing was realistic.
– Josh was always on site, making sure that things were being done to his standards [which were greater than what was required].
– His subcontractors displayed a great deal of respect for Josh and it showed in the level of their work, which was comforting to us. After all, no one wants disgruntled workers building their home.
– Josh and Colleen were, from the very beginning, organized and informative. We never felt left out of the process. We knew where every penny was being spent and were always kept up to date with scheduling.

After hearing so many horror stories from our friends, about their experiences with contractors, it was a pleasant surprise to find that our experience was so pleasurable. Josh and Colleen made us feel like we were part of the process and they both made us feel like we were their friends.
When the time comes and you have decided to build a new life and a new home, it is so important to have a team you can trust, doing the job for you.

Thank you “

~ Don & Carmen Meyer

Lot 174 Habersham

“‘Homes Built with Integrity’ isn’t just a slogan with the Brants. They are an absolute joy to work with. We have built three houses and this was by far our best experience. The creativity and practicality in ” little touches” and the attention to detail were amazing. The finished product is all we could have hoped for. We are more than satisfied.”

Bill Libert

Lot 105 Habersham

“Thank goodness for the Brants.

We were living in an apartment in Paris in 2005 regularly on the phone with Josh and Colleen arranging to build the very first house we’d ever had built. Despite the distance and our inexperience, they patiently guided us through the process.

When we returned to the U.S. in 2006 we had the pleasure of working directly with Josh and Colleen on the various phases of construction – they helped us to make the right choices and changes every step of the way.  Josh’s superb craftsmanship, attention to detail and creative solutions plus Colleen’s wise advice met our every need and gave us the high quality we wanted.

We love our home that Josh built.”

~Gary and Sheron Appleton